Sunday, November 24, 2013


This is a bit of a vanity post.  So be it.

I had said some time ago that when I reached some kind of meaningful place, my need to write would diminish.  I have reached this place.  I have made myself heavy, learned to breathe in the dark, and floated slowly down until I reached the bottom.

I have sought out and found all the puzzle pieces and assembled it into a whole, and now my task is to digest it, and then to move through a gate into a world which is completely unknown to me, but I think filled with color.

I have had the sense for years that I have a 12 cylinder engine, but have only been able to get 4 cylinders to fire.  Everything I have done and said is much less than what I am capable of.  My entire life has felt like I had two fishhooks impaling my back attached by cable to two 50 pound stones I had to drag everywhere.  This feeling is ending.

Whenever I promise silence, do not believe me, but if I post for a time less, this is why.

As far as political events--and I suspect I do have readers whose main interest is political--have we not reached a point where we simply need to wait and see if America is ready for tyranny?  Has not enough, sufficient, information been presented to the American people as to the tragedy and horror of the direction we have been guided lo these many years?

Will the pot boil?  I cannot know, but the message cannot be delivered in words better than it already has been.


Anonymous said...

Best to you, and good luck.

I've enjoyed your blog and will keep it on my RSS feed, for intermittent whatevers.


Mountain Goat said...

Thank you! As you may have noticed, I have already broken my "hiatus". Not talking for me is something like giving up smoking between cigarettes.

I have too much energy, and too many ideas to keep bottled up.

At the same time, I do think I will post less for a while. The internet as a whole is getting less interesting to me.