Monday, October 28, 2013

Obama's planned coup

Read/watch this:

It appears clear beyond any reasonable doubt that contingency plans have been created based upon Army Field Manual 3.39-40 in which a role for regular military and National Guard units is seen in which they would operate domestically, and under the control of the DHS, which as I have pointed out often has made itself into a paramilitary force.  To be clear, the control is under FEMA, but FEMA is under the DHS umbrella.  My treatment of the manual is here:

As I point out, they are quite clear about the chain of command, and the training being taped at the original link is simply indoctrination.

And we need to recall that all totalitarian regimes have Sondereinsatzgruppen.  The Nazis, for example, used the Waffen SS to commit mass murder behind German lines when they invaded Russia.  The Bolsheviks had the Cheka, which commited all manner of atrocities, but normally in such a way that the public and regular army only suspected them.  They did not know for sure what was going on.

And here, what is being taught is that the military MP's should just keep their mouths shut and let other people do whatever "is needed", which in my view plainly includes the extensive use of the camps clearly described in the manual as prison camps, reeducation camps, and as existing in the United States.  As I said, I did a pretty close reading, and excerpted relevant quotes, and there is little ambiguity in them.

When I say senior military leaders in this country need to be mapping out a strategy to counter a coup, I mean many things, but first and foremost logistics.  Obama is the Commander in Chief.  Could he not order all ammunition locked away?  Could he not order all tanks to be mothballed, all jets sequestered or commandeered by his fellow travelers? Our Generals and Admirals need to be alert for signs.  They need to have contingency plans to repel an attempted coup.  They need communications.  What if Obama orders the NSA to jam all signals?  What if they obey?

To the extent America faces an existential threat, this is the most important one, and I would hope our senior leaders are astute enough to grasp this.  Clearly, the pretext for tyranny may be a nuclear detonation of the sort that for a moment seemed planned for South Carolina.  This does not mean that the bomb did not come from anywhere but America.

The numbers of people who would actually be able to contemplate destroying our political system and enslaving Americans cannot be large.  I would have a hard time thinking more than a hundred people know all the details of what is planned.

And this is certainly cause for hope.  Americans are not Russians.  We are not nihilists in large numbers.  We did not just fight a war in which we were slaughtered in huge numbers, futilely, as ordered by an absolute monarch.  Nor can he promise the world as Lenin did and be believed. We are not oppressed by the government in the way, say, Castro was able to claim Cubans were.  There are no French colonialists as there were in Vietnam.  Obama is not a war hero like Mao was.

What works in the favor of true patriots is that Obama and his minions can't know with certainty what orders will be followed, who is just playing along and will frag their unit the moment they get orders to break the law.

He has no mass mandate for a coup.  He can't expect even a short holiday of support, like were given Mao, Castro, Giap (or whoever the first leader of the conquered South was) and others.  All of his options, looked at honestly, are bad.  The Fabian strategy was a good one, but the sauce has broken.  Post-Obamacare the Tea Party will do nothing but grow.

One hopes that there exist actually sane people among this group, and that they might come to their senses and alert people openly.  We have done a great deal of good in this country, and around the world, and to state the obvious, mass murder never did anything but cause mass suffering.  There is nothing redemptive in it, nothing positive.


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